Security Windows Maitland

Who do you trust with your home security? At Zeee Australia we offer burglar-proof door and window security for your home or office. You first line of defence should be the best security windows in Maitland.

High Quality Security Windows in Maitland

Doors often give if the thief has the right tools to and the structure is weak enough. At Zeee, we don’t let that happen. Our doors are made of tough material and are supported by trusted framework and durable screws.

Are You Looking for Security Windows in Maitland?

We offer a wide variety of doors ranging from simple hinged doors to elegant sliding doors, each with their own choice of frame colour. Why stop there?

Our window options are just as extensive as our doors. The following window options are available: 

  • Fixed
  • Hinged
  • Sliding
We Offer Security Window Installation in Maitland

The fixed window panels are stationary and custom-fitted. We can provide face-fitted, reveal-fitted or angle-fitted installation in any window frame. 

The hinged windows go swing inward or outward using Safe-S-Cape technology, and ideal for many different openings. 

Crimsafe sliding window screens can be single, double or triple sliding and feature our emergency exit Safe-S-Capes system.

Questions about the material? All window coverings are made with Crimsafe, patented technology. Crimsafe is the most trusted because: 

  • The strongest and most trusted security solution around, Crimsafe patent lives up to its name. The tough steel mesh is up to 26% thicker than most of the other materials on the market, thus, more difficult to penetrate. 
  • Screw-clamp technology that provides resistance and keeps the mesh from being easily tampered with or removed from the frame. 
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Need something stronger? Try Crimsafe Ultimate. It’s 40% stronger than the original Crimsafe, twice as many screws and a bigger frame. The Crimsafe Ultimate is like the iPhone X to our iPhone 8. Just as reliant, but with a few more advantages tacked on. 

If you have any doubts about our services, give us a call at (02) 4970 4455 or email us at to go from adequately secure window and door coverings to the best security window installation in Maitland. Quality home security just became a lot easier to find. 

Zeee is the most trusted supplier of crimsafe in Newcastle. We specialise in Newcastle security doors and Newcastle security windows. We also supply Maitland crimsafe products including Maitland security doors, Maitland security windows. Contact us to learn more about our crimsafe security doors, crimsafe secuirty windows and our crimsafe security screens.

Crimsafe Windows

Crimsafe fixed screens can be fitted to any size or type of window, including fixed, hinged and sliding windows. Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape security screens can swing outward or inward, or fit single, double or triple sliding windows.

Fixed Windows

Fixed Windows

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Hinged Windows

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Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

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Frame Colour Options

The following colour options are applicable for all door frames within the Crimsafe Door range: