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The front door to your house is the moat surrounding your castle. One weakness and anyone can invade your space. Your home safety is what matters most to Zeee Australia, which is why we’ve created a large range of effective yet economical security doors in Newcastle.

High Quality Security Doors in Newcastle

Why replace the perfectly decent door you have now with one of Zeee’s Crimsafe door coverings? For that reason exactly: it’s decent. We don’t want you to go to bed at night knowing your door is barely doing the job. We want you to have our durable security systems, with custom-fit security door installation.   

Are You Looking for a Security Door in Newcastle?

Crimsafe is a patented technology that is 26% thicker than most normal door coverings, and has perfected screw-clamp technology to keep the mesh frame in place and safe from removal. Each door comes with a clip-on cover hat conceals the screws of the frame making it inaccessible to burglars. 

We custom fit every door so you never have to doubt if your security system is effective and exactly what your house needs. All you have to do is contact us for a quote and measurement, and we take care of the rest!

What Kind of Security Door Do You Need?

Our range of door services go above and beyond. We offer the following types for your particular style and need:

  • Frame
  • Bi-fold
  • Stacking
  • Sliding
  • French
  • Hinged
We Offer Security Door Installation in Newcastle

Each door comes with it’s own set of particular structures. The sliding doors, at 0.9mm diameter, is perfect if you have existing sliding doors you don’t want to jeopardize. The hinged door technology, also coming in at 0.9mm, has style that’s classic while lacking a tacky protective-appearance. 

All doors maintain high-quality mesh steel difficult to destroy or penetrate.

In addition to the variety of the door, Zeee has thirteen colour options for the frame of the door, ranging from pale white to jet-black. Just because you now have an effective door safety covering, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your house’s exterior design. 

Safety always comes first, but if you have an opportunity to receive something that also looks good, why not goes with the best door security in Newcastle

Contact the Newcastle Security Door Experts Today!

Safety concerns are not just reserved for the home. Let us design the perfect door security system for your office or place of business as well! We want to help protect your biggest career investment starting from the outside in. 

See how secure you can make your home or business by contacting the security door specialists in Newcastle. Give us a call at (02) 4970 4455, or ping us for more information. Safety is what we do.

Zeee is the most trusted supplier of crimsafe in Newcastle. We specialise in Newcastle security doors and Newcastle security windows. We also supply Maitland crimsafe products including Maitland security doors, Maitland security windows. Contact us to learn more about our crimsafe security doors, crimsafe secuirty windows and our crimsafe security screens.

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