Crimsafe Windows

Crimsafe fixed screens can be fitted to any size or type of window, including fixed, hinged and sliding windows. Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape security screens can swing outward or inward, or fit single, double or triple sliding windows.

High Quality Crimsafe Security Window Screens

If you want your house windows safe from crime, then you want Crimsafe security windows protecting your home from burglars. It’s right there in the name! 

The technology is thief-proof due to the impenetrable frame and the emergency exit Safe-S-Capes system. Zeee Australia is a family-owned business that provides you with reliability and cost-effective solutions for home security. 

Multiple Types of Security Windows Available

You might have concerns about the structural integrity of your window, or perhaps the screen is not holding up so well. Let us come out to your home and give you a consultation and a quote – completely free of charge! There’s a reason you chose us as your Crimsafe window screen go-to, so we want to live up to your expectations. 

We have a variety of window options, which all have 13 colour options: 

  • Fixed
  • Hinged
  • Sliding
Are You in Need of Crimsafe Security Window Screens?

The fixed window panels are stationary and custom-fitted. We also offer a choice between reveal, face, or angle-fitted installation in any window frame. 

The hinged windows swing inward or outward and are ideal for many different openings. 

Curious about what the term Crimsafe entails? It’s a patented label with the following qualities: 

  • The strongest and most trusted security solution around, Crimsafe patent lives up to its name. The tough steel mesh is up to 26% thicker than most of the other materials on the market, thus, more difficult to penetrate. 
  • Screw-clamp technology that provides resistance and keeps the mesh from being easily tampered with or removed from the frame. 
Security Window Screens for All Kinds of Blinds & Curtains

Need blinds? We have a huge range of fabric colours and styles. Our options include: 

  • Lumen
  • Venetian
  • Panel
  • Roller
  • Vertical
Contact the Crimsafe Security Window Screen Experts Today!

The traditional vertical blinds are in those fond memories you have of grandma’s house. Versatile and easily operated, and you can even add a pelmet if you would like to conceal the blinds track.

Don’t delay! Call us at (02) 4970 4455 or email us at to completely upgrade your windows with the best Crimesafe security windows around. Quality home security just became a lot easier to find. 

Zeee is the most trusted supplier of crimsafe in Newcastle. We specialise in Newcastle security doors and Newcastle security windows. We also supply Maitland crimsafe products including Maitland security doors, Maitland security windows. Contact us to learn more about our crimsafe security doors, crimsafe secuirty windows and our crimsafe security screens.

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Frame Colour Options

The following colour options are applicable for all door frames within the Crimsafe Door range: