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Zeee offers a range of Crimsafe and decorative window and door covering products to suit your home or commercial security needs.

Are you looking for a company that specialises in security doors and windows in Toronto?

Do window bars and security doors make you feel like a criminal inside your own home? Plenty of people feel exactly the same way. We all hate those steel bars that look unsightly. They can block your view, make it hard to get in and out of your house and can restrict efficiency when you need to fully utilise your window.

Introducing Crimsafe to Toronto Home and Business Owners

Zeee has a much better, more attractive and stronger solution for homes and businesses when it comes to improving the security of windows and doors. Our crimsafe products in Toronto are much stronger, more durable, better looking and more functional than the traditional window and door security coverings that are available in Australia.

Why good security is a must in Toronto

Crime rates have increased all over Australia, Toronto included. Good access point security is the only thing that can really keep you safe and sound inside your home so it’s important that all of your windows and doors are properly secured.

What is crimsafe?

Crimsafe is a product that is revolutionising the home security industry. It is, essentially, a stainless steel security mesh and frame system. It can be installed on doors, windows and in a wide range of other applications to safeguard against intruders and insects. 

The technology used to ensure the effectiveness of crimsafe is the best available on the market. 

What’s the difference between crimsafe and other security mesh systems?

Crimsafe is the only security screen product in Australia where the mesh is screwed into a frame and secured using original “Screw-Clamp™ technology. Disturbingly, the most common security mesh systems available in Australia are secured using pressure or glue.

Crimsafe treated doors and windows are completely different from normal doors and windows because they act as a security system all on their own. When you have these types of doors and windows you don’t have to install security bars and doors because the design of crimsafe makes it virtually indestructible.  

Crimsafe windows – These security windows in Toronto are very beautiful, very functional and they don’t restrict vision at all.  The windows are manufactured with tensile-tuff mesh that is 25% stronger than other mesh and that combined with remarkable window construction helps to keep burglars at bay.

Crimsafe doors – If you’re looking for security doors in Toronto, you won’t find a better option than what we offer here at Zeee. Whether you’re looking for bi-fold, sliding or hinged doors, we’ve got you covered.  

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Zeee also offers a wide range of accessories that you can add to your crimsafe doors and windows. Accessories like pet doors, awnings, shutters and more can be installed along side your doors and windows to enhance your privacy and improve your home’s functionality. 

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Zeee is Australia’s leading provider of crimsafe products. We service the Central Coast, Gosford, Cessnock, Toronto, Warners Bay, Nelsons Bay, the Hunter Valley, Swansea, Charlestown and Cameron Park.