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Zeee offers a range of Crimsafe and decorative window and door covering products to suit your home or commercial security needs.

The Number One Solution for Security Doors and Windows in Nelsons Bay

Nelson Bay is a beautiful suburb of Port Stephens with lots of great things to do and lots of beautiful places to see. The population in this region is relatively low and it is a truly great place to live. Crime rates in Nelson Bay are, however, on the rise like they are in most other parts of Australia.  

If you live in Nelson Bay and you need a security upgrade, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve been helping home and business owners improve their security by installing crimsafe products in Nelsons Bay.   

How Crimsafe Products can Improve your Safety in Nelson Bay

Crimsafe’s mesh security system is revolutionary and, when installed by the team here at Zeee, it’s beautiful too. 

Our security doors in Nelsons Bay are treated with Tensile-tuff mesh instead of the usual bars and pillars which greatly enhances the look of a home or commercial property. The mesh is 25% stronger than other mesh products and it’s the best preventive method of securing the entry points to your property from unwanted visitors.  Doors are also fitted with screw-clamp technology to keep anyone from breaking the mesh from the frame. 

Our security windows in Nelson Bay are also made with the same mesh and locking technology.  With these window and door solutions, there is no need for extra installations such as window bars or security doors. Your doors and windows will be up to 40% stronger than normal doors and windows so you don’t have to worry.

Why you should choose crimsafe

Crimsafe is a much more functional and much more beautiful home security solution when compared with regular mesh systems. The technology used is revolutionary so you won’t be paying for a system that’s secured with glue or pressure like other options in Australia are.

Choose Zeee for crimsafe installation in Nelsons Bay

It is important to choose a reputable supplier and local crimsafe installation company in Nelsons Bay. That way you can ensure that all installations are done correctly so your security won’t fail you when you need it most. 

Zeee has lots of experience in installing crimsafe products and we can work with all kinds of window and door systems. Call our team today on (02) 4970 44 55 to learn more.

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