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Zeee offers a range of Crimsafe and decorative window and door covering products to suit your home or commercial security needs.

We Specialise in Installing the Best Security Doors and Windows in Cameron Park

It is incredibly important for residential and commercial property owners to improve the security of their building as much as possible. Crime levels are increasing all over Australia and Cameron Park is no exception.

A robbery can be quite devastating. It is horrible to suffer financial losses when your valuables for which you have worked so hard for are stolen in the blink of an eye. It’s worse when there’s always the potential that someone could get hurt during a robbery.

To safeguard your home and/or commercial property falling victim to a burglary, we have a solution that you’re going to love here at Zeee.

Introducing Crimsafe Products to Cameron Park Residents

Our range of crimsafe products in Cameron Park is the ultimate safety solution for anyone that wants to increase the security of their residential or commercial property. 

Made from a mesh system that is 26% stronger than any other type of mesh system available in Australia, crimsafe is also see through so you can still enjoy a cool breeze despite the fact that your building is locked up tight. The tensile-tuff mesh is sealed in place with screw-clamp technology that keeps criminals from ripping or pushing it out of place and the material can withstand surprising high levels of impact without giving away.  

If you’re looking for security windows or security doors in Cameron Park, note that crimsafe can be installed on any type of system including fixed, hinged, and sliding. 

Consider crimsafe ultimate for ultimate strength

We also have a crimsafe ultimate range that is up to 40% stronger than normal security doors and windows. The ultimate safe range is especially good for businesses and for residential units in high crime rate areas.

Why choose crimsafe products

Crimsafe is a much better product than other mesh security systems for of all the following reasons;

  • The look of crimsafe security doors and security windows in Cameron Park is much better
  • The mesh is very tough to break into and it is very hard to cut 
  • Crimsafe is see-through and doesn’t obstruct your vision or the functionality of your windows and doors
  • It can be custom designed to fit any window, door or glass panel
Choose Zeee for crimsafe installation in Cameron Park

Zeee is the leading expert in window and door manufacture and crimsafe installation in Cameron Park. We also specialise in other home security accessories. Contact the Zeee team now on (02) 4970 4455 to learn more about crimsafe. 

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Zeee is Australia’s leading provider of crimsafe products. We service the Central Coast, Gosford, Cessnock, Toronto, Warners Bay, Nelsons Bay, the Hunter Valley, Swansea, Charlestown and Cameron Park.